The �Società Agricola VERDE VITA s.s.� works in the wider italian and european area production of outdoor and ornamental plants. Pistoia, just for this is called "plant city".


The owners are brothes Frosini:  Luca (landscape architect) and Andrea (agricultural expert).


For years, we deal with the resolution of problems and needs of the customer. Now, while the ability of a company is expressed in the numbers of produced and cultivated hectars of land, our primary interest was and is the personal relationship with the customer.



The availability, we can offer, covers the full range of outdoor and ornamental plants both in the open field and in pots, young plants to specimens, also including a wide selection of those plants belonging to the so-called Arte topiaria� topiary.


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di Andrea e Luca Frosini via Loreto e Carraiola, 7/E 51100 Masiano - PISTOIA - ITALY - P.Iva 01293600472
Società Agricola VERDE VITA s.s.
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