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Our company is located in the suburbs of the beautiful city of Pistoia.




City of probable Etruscan origin, cited by the Romans in the second century A.C., was an important oppidum on the "Cassia road", which connected Rome to Lucca and Florence. In roman times it was a "barn" for the supply of the roman legions, and it owes its name to the latin words "Pistoria," "Pistoriae" or "Pistorium", whose meaning isabout "who grows wheat" or "who crushes the grain". According to some authors in latin, "Pistoria" is the bread oven.


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An old picture of Pistoia


Pistoia medieval age is to remember for the Statuto dei Consoli" (1117) one of the oldest collection of laws and customs in Italy and in the world.


Pistoia is linked to the name and the production of knives and weapons the '"weapon of Pistoia" hence "pistola" (gun) and "pistorenses gladii" from wich "bisturi" (scapel). 




A Duomo square of Pistoia old photo


The nursery in Pistoia was born 150 years ago, in the gardens around the walls of Pistoia to produce fresh fruit for the needs of the city. Today is the heart of Pistoia nursery and is leader in Europe in the cultivation and production of plants.

The geographical location, good climate with cold winters with few frosts has allowed the production of mediterranean and continental plants.


Finally the A11-A1 highway link has been a success: almost all the plants are traded on rubber trasport.

Pistoia history

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